Biotech Shares Rip on Signs of Hope for Alzheimer’s and PTSD

Biotech Shares Rip on Signs of Hope for Alzheimer’s and PTSD

By: Tomas Ronolski - News

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Brain afflictions—Alzheimer’s, PTSD, CTE—have a devastated impact on patients and their families, and medical treatments have alluded the medical community. So when this biotech company announced progress toward limiting suicidal ideation, shares popped.

Through its breakthrough patent-pending process of eradicating the conjugated Alzheimer’s Disease building blocks via a unique, proprietary laser eradication process, Halberd Corporation (OTCPK: HALB) confirmed the shipment of samples of metallic nanoparticles to Youngstown State University for the next step—eradicating the conjugated building blocks. 

Halberd believes they have discovered the failure of all prior competitive endeavors to successfully treat PTSD, and the combined partnership is on track to eradicate these cytokines from cerebral spinal fluid in our experimentation at Youngstown State University. 

Shares popped on the news and were trading at a 30-day high in mid-morning trade, up over 100%.

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